Are Mealworms Good For hamsters?

Hamsters are small rodents and popular house pets. This small creature is well known for its fascinating behavior. Nutrition plays a very important role in well-being and healthy life. To be a responsible and contemplative …

Are mealworms good for hamsters

Hamsters are small rodents and popular house pets. This small creature is well known for its fascinating behavior. Nutrition plays a very important role in well-being and healthy life.

To be a responsible and contemplative owner, you have to know that. Are mealworms good for hamsters? Mealworms are present in a wide range and give an attractive feast to hamsters.

In this article, we will discuss and examine whether they are mealworms good for hamsters. This extensive guide helps you with the beneficial diet of hamsters. Let’s explore it together.  

What is a Mealworm? 

Mealworms are small creatures having larvae forms of the yellowing mealworm beetle. They are all homometallic insects. Its life cycle consists of 4 stages Egg, Larva, Pupa, and adult. Its size is about 2.5 centimeters at the larva stage.

They can feed on stored grain, that’s why it is also considered a pet, but it is typically used for feeding pets.

Nutrient Content

Mealworm is high protein content; every 100-gram larva contains 14 to 5 grams of protein. 

It also contains potassium, iron, and sodium. Copper and selenium, so you consider how it is good for a hamster’s diet.  

What Hamster can Eat?

Hamsters are omnivorous, so that they can eat both vegetables and meals. The pet hamster eats hamster food, vegetables, fruits, and nuts, and the hamster in feral eats vegetables and insects.

Hamsters need a balanced diet, so responsible owners should know about their diet. Are Mealworms good for them? Let’s explore it. 

Can Hamsters eat Mealworms?

Yes, hamsters eat mealworms even though they enjoy it because they provide them with variety in their food and are full of protein.

Mealworms provide high-quality protein, which is essential for better growth and repairing the tissue of hamsters. It also provides such amino acid, which is required for hamster growth.

Are Mealworms good for Hamsters?

Mealworms are considered a nutritious and proteinous diet for the hamster because the larva is a rich source of fats, vitamins, and minerals which plays a vital role in hamster growth. They are beneficial for gaining energy and hamster blood.

Are Mealworms bad for Hamsters?

Hamsters have very sensitive digestive systems, so mealworms should be given to the hamster occasionally and little amounts. Mealworm has hard exoskeletons, so it’s difficult to digest our little friend. 

As we know that hamsters keep the worm in their pouch, so we should give them in small chunks so little hamsters eat them easily.

Will Hamsters like Mealworms?

Hamsters like the mealworms in their diet because their pet hamster diet only depends on fruits, vegetables, and hamster food, giving hamsters a mellow treat. Litter hamsters like the dried mealworms in moderation with vegetables and nuts.

Are Mealworms safe for Hamsters? 

Yes, the dried mealworms are safe for the hamster. They give energy to the hamster. On the other hand, if you give them a live worm in their diet, it may be challenging or harmful because it can bite our hamsters.

The adorable creature kept its food in his pouch, so that’s why dried are considered safe for hamsters. 

How to Feed Mealworms to your Hamsters? 

When you feed mealworms to your hamsters, moderation is very important. Mealworms can be a healthy source if it is given with carrots or fruits.

If it becomes a replacement for the hamster diet, firstly, mealworms are given in very fewer amounts to check their reaction because some hamsters are allergic to mealworms or sometimes they do not like the taste. 

We can feed your lovely friend with your hand. It makes a strong bond between you and your pet hamsters. It becomes a treat from you to your adorable little creature.

How many Mealworms can Hamsters eat?  

Hamsters eat a maximum of 3 to 4 mealworms in the whole day because hamsters have hypersensitive digestive systems.

If they eat 4 mealworms in a day, they make them complete; then they refuse to eat other compulsory diets, which are also essential for their growth.

Can Hamsters eat live Mealworms?

Feeding live mealworms is challenging and may be harmful. The hamster keeps its food in its cheek pouch. If it is live, the worms can bite the hamster.

If your hamster likes the taste of live worms, give them in very small amounts but avoid the wild worms because they may be pesticides or parasites.

Can Hamsters eat dried Mealworms? 

Yes, hamsters can eat dried mealworms. Dried mealworms were authorized as a novel food. Dried mealworms are the safe and easiest way to feed your hamster.

They contain very less amount of water, so make sure when your hamster feed dried worm, they are completely hydrated.   

Can you feed Pupa and Beetle Mealworms to Hamsters?

No, the third stage of mealworms can not feed your hamster because it is not the feeding stage. In this stage, the mealworm prepares itself to be a beetle. It’s called the resting phase or inactive stage.  

yes, the fourth stage of a mealworm is beetle, which is suitable for hamsters because they are high in protein. We can give 3 to 4 beetle to a hamster in a week. It becomes a delicious treat from you to your lovely little friend. 

Where to get Mealworm form?

There are many ways to get mealworms for your hamster. You can buy it from the pet store and online sellers on Amazon. When you purchase online food, carefully read his reviews.

Remember, the most important thing while purchasing food is only buying enough food that is utilized in 8 weeks because after 8 weeks, the larva covert into a pupa which is not a feeding stage of mealworm. 

Can Chinese Dwarf Hamsters eat Mealworms?

Yes, Chinese dwarf hamsters can eat mealworms. They are very small in size, so they have only a few mealworms are given to the hamster.

To be a moderate diet, mealworms should be given to the hamster is cut into pieces so the tiny hamster digests them easily without skipping its other meal, which is also necessary.

Can Campbell Dwarf Hamsters eat Mealworms?

Yes, Campbell dwarf hamsters also eat mealworms like the Chinese dwarf. Because the Campbell is also a dwarf, you can give them mealworms to Campbell dwarf hamsters as you give to the Chinese.  

Can Russian Dwarf Hamsters eat Mealworms? 

Yes, Russian dwarf hamsters can eat mealworms, but not more than a few per week because they have a sensitive digestive system. They are also known as winter white hamsters.   

Can Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters eat Mealworms?

Yes, Roborovski dwarf hamsters can eat mealworms. They are also called dwarf but more active than the other dwarf. You notice that they run all the time to digest carbohydrates and fats. You can give one mealworm on alternate days.

Can Syrian Hamsters eat Mealworms?

Yes, Syrian hamsters eat mealworms more than the other species. They are the largest pet spiece then the other, so the dried mealworm is a beneficial, nutritious, and portentous diet for the hamster. You can give 3 to 4 mealworms in a week. 

Are there any Precautions for Feeding Mealworms to a Hamster?

Yes, there are many precautions for feeding the little creature, which are below.

  1. Ensure that the mealworm is in dried form. Feeding live worm become harmful because the hamster keeps its food in the cheek pouch.
  2. Mealworms should be in a neutral taste. They should not provide any flavor; it is not recommended.
  3. It should be frozen. Make sure that mealworms that you purchase from the market should be frozen but give them to the hamster in defrost form.
  4. Feed in moderation. Balance is the most important key for feeding the hamster. It should be given in the paired form. 


Mealworms can be a beneficial diet for hamsters in moderation. It is a great source of protein, vitamins, and fiber. It is the most enjoyable treat when it mixes with carrots and fruits.

Mealworms are a rich source of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which help in heart disease. They contain sugar which helps in obesity and also helps to improve digestion.

The live worm is dangerous for hamsters because it bites its cheeks, while dried mealworms are beneficial for hamsters. They contain high-quality protein, potassium, iron, zinc, and magnesium which help our furry friends. So it is good to feed mealworms to hamsters as a great source of nutrients.           


1. Are mealworms suitable for hamsters?

Yes, mealworms are suitable for hamsters. They contain good-quality protein and nutrients, which is essential for the well-being of hamsters, and become a tasty treat.

2. How many mealworms can a hamster eat in a week?

Hamsters eat at least 4 mealworms in a week. Its dosage depends upon its age and weight. As you know, hamsters are little creatures. They feed very less amount of food as compared to other pet animals.

3. Can all hamsters eat mealworms?

No, all hamsters can not eat mealworms; it depends upon their taste. If a hamster likes the taste of mealworms, it becomes a delicious treat. Occasionally when the hamster doesn’t like its taste, you can not force them.

4. Which form of mealworm is good for the hamster?

Dired form is good for the hamster diet in moderation because the live worm can bite the cheek of the hamster or maybe are a pesticide or parasite.   

5. Can I only feed mealworms to hamsters?

No mealworm is the occasional feed. You can feed them vegetables, fruits, nuts, and specific hamster food, which is available in pet stores.

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