Red Heeler Terrier Mix: The Spunky Cross Of Two Smart Working Dogs

The red heeler terrier mix brings together two energetic and intelligent breeds that make excellent companions for active families. This crossbreed combines the alert herding nature of the Australian Cattle Dog with the spunk and …

Red Heeler Terrier Mix

The red heeler terrier mix brings together two energetic and intelligent breeds that make excellent companions for active families. This crossbreed combines the alert herding nature of the Australian Cattle Dog with the spunk and verve of the terrier. The result is a fun-loving pup suited for all kinds of adventures.

Origins: Parent Breed Histories Shape The Heeler Terrier Mix

To understand what goes into a red heeler terrier mix, we first need to learn about each parent breed.

The Red Heeler: Australia’s Working Cowdog

The red heeler, also called the Australian Cattle Dog, hails from the Land Down Under where it was bred specifically for herding livestock across rugged terrain. Red heelers demonstrate:

  • High intelligence and trainability
  • Strong work ethic and endurance
  • Protective and loyal temperament

Early Australian settlers crossed domestic dogs with wild dingoes to create a tough canine suited for harsh conditions. Breeders later introduced dalmatian and collie bloodlines to refine the red heeler’s abilities.

The name “red heeler” refers to the distinctive red speckled coat as well as the unusual habit of nipping at cattle’s heels while herding.

The Plucky Terrier Group

Terriers constitute a wide and varied group of dogs mostly developed in Britain and Ireland to hunt vermin or bolster bigger hounds during fox, badger or otter hunts. Terriers tend to exhibit qualities like:

  • Fearless courage and feistiness
  • High energy and restless nature
  • Intelligence and eagerness to learn mixed with some stubbornness
  • Playfulness and adventurous spirit

Some terrier breeds include the Jack Russell, Airedale, Cairn and the popular Boston terrier.

Crossing an Australian cattle dog with any terrier breed lends some unpredictability to the mix, but we can expect certain shared traits to shine through.

Appearance: A Sturdy, Athletic Hybrid

As a mixed breed, red heeler terrier pups can vary greatly in looks depending on which parent they take after. Generally though, they tend to be compact, rugged and athletic in build.

Coat and Color

  • Short, dense double coat suited for all weather
  • Coloring runs the gamut from black and white to red speckled, spotted or solid


  • Typically 18-20 inches tall at shoulder
  • Weigh between 35-50 pounds

As with most crosses, red heeler terriers can vary widely in looks. But their agile frames and sharp expressions are always apparent!

Temperament: Smart, Energetic And Devoted

What sets the red heeler terrier mix apart is its lively and loyal personality. These pups thrive when they have an outlet for their enthusiasm and brains.

Energetic And Playful

With boundless energy from both parent breeds, red heeler terrier mixes need plenty of exercise and interactive play. Long walks, hiking, running and intense games of fetch or frisbee help them burn off steam. They make fun companions for joggers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. Without an outlet, their restlessness can lead to nuisance barking or chewing.

Work-Oriented And Eager To Please

Red heeler terrier mixes display the work ethic of their cattle dog lineage along with a terrier’s desire for a job. They excel at canine activities like agility, flyball and obedience trials. Their aim to please and responsiveness to positive training methods also makes them great therapy dogs.

Intelligent And Attentive

These hybrids are quick to catch on thanks to their smart parent breeds. Red heeler terrier mixes enjoy learning new things all their life. Interactive toys and food puzzles provide mental stimulation. Their natural herding instincts and alertness also make them vigilant watchdogs.

Loyal And Affectionate

While initially wary of strangers, once a red heeler terrier bonds with its family, it becomes a loving and loyal companion. They form close attachments and don’t do well left alone for long periods. With their family, they are playful, cuddly pups always down for adventure.

Care And Training Tips For Heeler Terrier Crosses

Red heeler terrier mixes have some specific needs to thrive as family companions. Here are top care and training pointers.

Activity Levels

With their high energy, red heeler terrier mixes demand 60+ minutes of vigorous daily exercise. These action pups enjoy brisk walks, hikes, running beside a bike, playing fetch and interactive games. Puzzles and chew toys also keep their agile minds engaged.

Careful Socialization

Early positive exposure to a wide variety of people, animals, places and situations helps red heeler terriers develop into well-adjusted, friendly dogs. Since they tend to be reserved with strangers, socialization prevents over wariness.

Responsive To Positive Training

Red heeler terriers aim to please, so reward-based training works very well with them. Clear communication, patience and consistency lets them master basic obedience, tricks and tasks quickly.

Moderate Grooming Needs

The short dense coat of most red heeler terrier mixes requires only weekly brushing to remove loose hair. Bathing is needed just when dirty. Check and trim nails, clean ears and brush teeth regularly too.

With the right blend of activity, training and attention, the red heeler terrier makes a delightful, adventure-loving family pet!

“Our red heeler terrier mix, Zeke, keeps us smiling with his antics. But he’s also an attentive hiking and jogging buddy who gets along great with the neighborhood kids and dogs.” – Mike D., Zeke’s owner

Common Questions About The Red Heeler Terrier Mix

Prospective owners often have lots of questions about what to expect from a red heeler terrier mix. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are Red Heeler Terrier Mixes Good Family Dogs?

Yes! When provided enough activity, training and attention, red heeler terriers thrive as part of an active family. They form close bonds and get along great with kids and other pets. Early socialization ensures they grow into well-rounded companions.

How Big Will A Red Heeler Terrier Cross Get?

Since red heeler terriers are mixed breeds, size can vary. Usually they reach 18-22 inches tall at the shoulder and 35-50 pounds at maturity.

Do Heeler Terrier Mixes Shed?

Yes, their short dense double coats do shed moderately year-round. Regular brushing helps contain loose fur. Expect some seasonal shedding spikes in spring and fall too.

Are These Mixes Easy To Train?

Extremely! Thanks to intelligence and eagerness inherited from both parent breeds, red heeler terriers are highly responsive to reward-based training methods. Their aim-to-please temperament allows them to excel at obedience, tricks, agility and other dog sports.

What Health Issues Are Common?

Hybrid vigor lends red heeler terriers better health than purebreds. Still they may be prone to eye problems, nerve damage, joint dysplasia and allergies from their parent breeds. Adopting from a responsible breeder who health screens parent dogs helps minimize risks.

Finding A Red Heeler Terrier Mix Puppy

Ready to add one of these spunky hybrids to your home? Here are some tips for finding a healthy red heeler terrier mix pup.

  • Seek out responsible hobby breeders specializing in herding breed crosses. Meet parent dogs to evaluate temperament.
  • Adopting via local shelters and breed-specific rescues is another great option.
  • Ask about parent dog health testing for issues like eye/hip certifications.
  • Temperament assessments help match you with the right energetic yet trainable pup.
  • Be prepared to spend $500 to $800 for a well-bred heeler terrier mix pup.

With their infectious enthusiasm and loyalty, a red heeler terrier is sure to become a treasured adventure buddy for life!


The red heeler terrier mix beautifully blends the best traits of two intelligent working breeds. With proper training and outlets for their energy, these hybrids make delightful family pets. They deliver brains, eagerness to please and unwavering devotion.

Prospective owners must provide sufficient exercise as well as adventures that engage their smarts. Early socialization lays the foundation for friendly adult dogs able to tag along on all kinds of escapades.

Are you ready to keep up with an energetic red heeler terrier? Their antics will keep you active while their affection provides endless cuddles at home. This versatile crossbreed truly embodies the best spirit of both their parent breeds!

So for those seeking a loyal companion to share life’s adventures great and small, the red heeler terrier constantly overdelivers.

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