Turtlebuster Pitbulls Will Flip Your Lid!

The turtlebuster pitbull is truly one of a kind. This unique breed of pitbull has gained quite the reputation for their strength, agility, and bursting energy. Let’s dig into what makes the turtlebuster so special. …

Turtlebuster Pitbulls

The turtlebuster pitbull is truly one of a kind. This unique breed of pitbull has gained quite the reputation for their strength, agility, and bursting energy. Let’s dig into what makes the turtlebuster so special.

A Historic Bloodline

The turtlebuster bloodline got its start in the 1980s from breeder James Crenshaw. Crenshaw worked to develop an athletic pitbull breed that excelled at hog hunting and dog fighting.

He bred his best greyline bloodline stud named White’s Tab Rom with a pure-bred greyline female named Crenshaw’s Missy. This pairing produced the powerhouse greyline stud Crenshaw’s Chavin, who then produced Crenshaw’s famous four turtlebuster brothers when paired with Jeep/Red Boy females.

Here Come the Brothers!

The original turtlebuster pitbulls were:

  • Crenshaw’s Turtle Buster
  • Crenshaw’s Ironhead Turtle Buster
  • Crenshaw’s Pretty Boy Turtle Buster
  • Crenshaw’s Superman Turtle Buster

These dogs exploded onto the scene in 1989, showing “destroy the turtles” capabilities in weight pulling and hog hunting events.

As the brothers began breeding, they passed on supreme strength, drive, and agility that excelled in many arenas. Let’s look closer at what makes these dogs special.

Key Characteristics

Some trademarks of turtlebuster pitbulls are:

  • Extremely powerful and muscular build
  • Intense focus and drive
  • Tremendous biting force – They do love hanging from ropes!
  • High energy and needs an active owner
  • Short and smooth coat for minimal maintenance

Turtlebusters generally weigh between 45-80 lbs. They have large, broad heads and super athletic, lean bodies. Their tight skin and small ears give them an overall sleek appearance.

A Day in the Life

Life with a turtlebuster pitbull is fast paced and exciting!

They need at least 2 hours of activity daily or else their overflowing energy will come out in naughty ways – think destructive chewing or hyperactivity! Types of exercise they love include:

  • Marathon runs/jogs
  • Spring pole
  • Flirt pole
  • Weight pulling – up to several thousand pounds!
  • Tug of war
  • Fetch

In addition to exercise, these intelligent pups need mental stimulation through training, interactive toys, and adventures outside their home.

A tired turtlebuster is a happy turtlebuster! With their activity needs fully met each day, these sweet and affectionate dogs will cuddle up with their favorite humans when it’s finally time to settle down at home.

Turtlebusters as Pets

Turtlebuster pitbulls can make wonderful companions! However, their needs for intense daily exercise and mental engagement make them better suited for very active homes.

Potential turtlebuster owners should be prepared to provide:

  • At least 2 hours of daily activity – running, hiking, weight pulling, etc.
  • Heavy-duty dog toys that stand up to power chewers
  • Positive reinforcement obedience training
  • Backyard space to zoom and play fetch
  • Supervision when with other pets – Their high prey drive can kick in

If provided proper outlets and training, turtlebusters shower their owners with unconditional love and make them contagiously happy pets!

The Turtlebuster Continues

Today, breeders like Southern Inferno Kennels, McCoy’s Red Buffalo Kennels, and many others work diligently to preserve and better the turtlebuster bloodline.

Thanks to them, turtlebuster pitbulls are continuing to make legendary names for themselves in events like:

  • Weight pulling competitions
  • 5K/10K runs with their owners
  • Dock diving tournaments
  • Lure coursing races
  • Fastest “100 yard dash” records

These strong, driven canines certainly seem to love a good challenge!

I sure wouldn’t want to be the turtle going up against one of these guys! But in all seriousness, turtlebusters can succeed wonderfully as pets too with proper handling. Just be sure you can match their energy level in providing daily physical and mental exercise.

If so, say hello to a loyal companion that may just test your strength keeping up as much as they will adore you!

“These dogs are 100 miles per hour with their hair on fire – but are still the biggest cuddle bugs once exercised.” Sondra Mcdaniel, Turtlebuster owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions surrounding the unique turtlebuster? No worries, here’s some common FAQs!

Why are they called “turtlebusters”?

A: This name comes from their ability to excel at “bustin” turtles (hanging car tires) in weight pull competitions. They would clamp down and hold several thousand pounds!

How much exercise do turtlebuster pits need?

A: Plan on at least 2 hours of hard exercise daily. These dogs are very high energy and have intense exercise requirements.

What are turtlebusters like as family pets?

A: Turtlebusters can succeed as pets in very active homes able to properly meet their needs. They are affectionate and loyal. Supervision required when with kids or other animals.

Do turtlebuster pits drool or shed a lot?

A: No! One perk of this breed is they have short, smooth coats that typically don’t shed much or produce drool like some bully breeds.

Bring One Home!

Think a turtlebuster pitbull would make the perfect addition to your active family? Reach out to an ethical breeder near you to learn about current and upcoming litters!

I’ve included some top breeder websites below. Each site has loads of info and photos showcasing their turtlebusting breeding stock and adorable turtlebuster puppies!

Just be sure potential owners go in educated on this breed’s high exercise and training needs. A properly matched turtlebuster pup will bring immense joy, while a poorly matched one usually ends up surrendered.

Go into adoption well prepared activity-wise, and I have no doubt you’ll find your perfect energetic soulmate in a turtlebuster pitbull!

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