Dog Ate Parchment Paper: Causes, Risks, and Treatment

Dogs are curious creatures that enjoy exploring their surroundings and sometimes get into trouble. There is a common issue that dog owners face when their furry friends eat unusual items, such as parchment paper. This …

Dog Ate Parchment Paper

Dogs are curious creatures that enjoy exploring their surroundings and sometimes get into trouble. There is a common issue that dog owners face when their furry friends eat unusual items, such as parchment paper.

This article will explore what causes a dog to eat parchment paper, its associated risks, and what treatments are available.

What is Parchment Paper?

A parchment paper is a non-stick cooking paper made of cellulose fibers coated with silicone. This material is used to line baking sheets and pans, preventing food from sticking and making cleanup easier.

Heat resistance and moisture retention make it a versatile tool in the kitchen, enhancing cooking and reducing grease usage. In general, parchment paper makes food preparation convenient and efficient in both professional and home kitchens.

Why Do Dogs Eat Parchment Paper?

Dogs may eat parchment paper as a matter of curiosity, attracted by its texture and lingering food smell. Food remnants on the paper can be enticing to them.

A dog may also chew or tear something to alleviate boredom, anxiety, or discomfort caused by teething. Chewing parchment paper is a satisfying experience.

For dog owners, it is vital to be aware of the potential risks and take preventative measures to prevent such incidents.

Potential Risks and Complications

The consumption of parchment paper by dogs can cause complications and risks. Large amounts of parchment paper can cause digestive obstructions, resulting in discomfort and health problems.

There is also a risk of dogs choking if large pieces are swallowed without being chewed properly. Veterinary assistance should be sought promptly if parchment paper consumption is suspected.

These risks can be minimized by keeping parchment paper out of the reach of dogs and supervising them during cooking activities.

Signs and Symptoms of Parchment Paper Ingestion

There are several signs and symptoms that may indicate an issue if your dog consumes parchment paper. Some of these might include:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Abdominal pain or discomfort
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Lethargy
  6. Difficulty defecating

It’s crucial to take appropriate action as soon as you notice any of these symptoms or suspect your dog has ingested parchment paper.

How to Discourage Your Dog From Eating Parchment Paper

Be sure to closely supervise your dog when they are in the presence of parchment paper in order to prevent them from devouring it. Pet dogs can be attracted to the food residue on parchment paper, so keep it away from them when baking.

Keep safe treats on hand to distract them if they show interest, rewarding good behavior. Avoid accidental contact with parchment paper by keeping your trash can inaccessible.

Consider puzzle toys as an engaging alternative for dogs who are prone to mischief. These tips will help you protect your dog and create a peaceful environment for him.

What to Do When a Dog Eats Parchment Paper

Here are some steps you can take if you catch your dog eating parchment paper or suspect that they have:

  1. Observe your dog’s behavior and determine how much parchment paper has been consumed.
  2. You can seek guidance from your veterinarian. The advice they provide will depend on the size, amount, and overall health of your dog.
  3. If your veterinarian recommends a checkup or monitoring your dog for signs of distress, follow their instructions. As part of their treatment, they might also recommend causing vomiting or administering medications to facilitate the passage of the parchment paper.
  4. Maintain your dog’s hydration by offering plenty of fresh water and providing a comfortable and quiet environment.
  5. Keep an eye out for any changes in your dog’s behavior, appetite, or bowel movements. Seek immediate veterinary attention if your dog’s condition deteriorates or if any symptoms worsen.

Preventing Parchment Paper Consumption

The best way to prevent your dog from ingesting parchment paper is to prevent him from eating it. Several preventive measures can be taken:

  • Securely store parchment paper securely, preferably in a closed cabinet or drawer your dog can’t reach.
  • Keep used parchment paper in a secure trash can or container so your dog cannot access it.
  • Keep your dog away from the cooking area when preparing food to minimize the chances of them getting hold of parchment paper or other potentially hazardous items.

Can Dogs Digest Parchment Paper?

It is true that dogs can digest some types of paper, such as tissue paper, but parchment paper poses a greater risk due to its silicone coating.

Due to the silicone layer on parchment paper, it is less digestible, which increases the chances of causing digestive obstructions. You should always prevent your dog from ingesting parchment paper to avoid complications.


1: Is parchment paper toxic to dogs?

Parchment paper itself is not toxic to dogs, but ingesting large quantities can lead to digestive issues and potential obstructions.

2: Can parchment paper harm my dog’s digestive system?

Yes, consuming parchment paper can lead to digestive problems and potential obstructions, especially if ingested in large amounts.

3: Should I induce vomiting if my dog eats parchment paper?

It is best to consult your veterinarian before inducing vomiting. They will assess the situation and provide appropriate guidance based on your dog’s specific circumstances.

4: How can I prevent my dog from eating parchment paper?

Securely store parchment paper, dispose of used paper properly, and supervise your dog during cooking or baking to prevent access to parchment paper.

5: What are the signs of parchment paper ingestion in dogs?

Signs may include vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, lethargy, and difficulty defecating.


Prompt action and preventative measures can mitigate the risk of a dog eating parchment paper. You should keep parchment paper out of your dog’s reach, monitor their behavior closely, and consult your veterinarian if you suspect they have consumed parchment paper. Your dog will live a happier and healthier life if you prioritize his or her safety and well-being.

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