Pitbull Dachshund Mix: The Ultimate Guide to This Unique Crossbreed

Yo, what’s good my guys and gals! Today I wanna talk about one very interesting mixed breed that’s been gaining popularity lately – the pitbull dachshund mix, sometimes called a Doxie Pit or Pitwee. This …

Pitbull Dachshund Mix

Yo, what’s good my guys and gals! Today I wanna talk about one very interesting mixed breed that’s been gaining popularity lately – the pitbull dachshund mix, sometimes called a Doxie Pit or Pitwee. This funky combo crosses a short-legged Doxie with a musclebound Pitty, creating a compact canine with plenty of spunk.

Let me break down everything ya need to know about this distinct designer dog. We’ll explore their appearance, temperament, health issues, how to find one, and more. After reading this, you’ll be a straight up expert on the pitbull dachshund mix!

Appearance: A Stocky, Sturdy Pup

The pitbull dachshund mix is a complex mashup of physical traits from both parental breeds. They can vary in looks, but usually end up short ‘n solid with a range of coat colors.


Doxie Pits typically reach 10-20 pounds at a height of 8-18 inches when full grown. Like most crosses, you never know quite how big they’ll get until maturity. But their compact size makes them an convenient option for city slickers with limited space.


The pitbull dachshund mix coat depends on which genes are expressed more. The Doxie side brings short-haired possibilities in black, chocolate, cream, red, silver, or dapple (spotted). Meanwhile, Pitty genes can contribute longer hair in fawn, black, white, brindle, or blue shades. You may get a shorthaired, longhaired, or wirehaired coat.


These mixed pups have long, sturdy torsos but stubby little legs – kinda like if a Pitty tried to wear a Doxie’s trousers! Their blocky heads, floppy ears, and wiggly tails further blend the parent breeds. Stout and solid through ‘n through.

Temperament: A Devoted Dynamo

Pitbull dachshund mixes tend to be active, affectionate, and make admirable companions. But their exact personality depends on which parent they take after more.

Pit Bull Terriers are renowned for their unwavering loyalty and gentleness towards family. Meanwhile, Dachshunds boast big attitudes in small bodies – they may be stubborn but are also lively and clever.

By combining these characteristics, Doxie Pits often end up lively, loyal little pups who adore their humans. Proper socialization and training is key to nurture their best qualities and minimize negative stubborn streaks though.

With early positive experiences, these crosses generally excel as devoted housedogs and steadfast watchdogs. Their protective Pitty instincts and vocal Doxie alarms make them diligent guarders. Pitbull dachshund mixes also thrive when kept busy with interactive games, learning tricks, or joining your active lifestyle.

So if ya seek a compact canine crony to adventure with and cuddle on the couch, a Doxie Pit could fit the bill!

“My little pitbull dachshund mix Lucy greets me ecstatically every day when I get home. She’s always ready for belly rubs or to play fetch in the yard! I don’t know how I’d cope without her sweet loyalty and lively antics.”

Health Issues: Prone to Certain Conditions

Crossbreeds can inherit ailments from either parental line. So pitbull dachshund mixes may face health challenges including:

  • Allergies
  • Back injuries – especially IVDD
  • Cataracts
  • Heart disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Obesity if overfed
  • Skin problems

Reputable breeders test their breeding stock for issues like eyes, hearts, joints etc. Adopting a mix from a shelter is riskier but helps save a life! Be sure to keep up with vet checks and feed a high quality diet to minimize problems.

With attentive owner care, regular exercise, and wise nutrition, a Doxie Pit should enjoy a typical lifespan of 10-14 years.

Finding A Pitbull Dachshund Mix: Tips For New Owners

If ya have your heart set on bringing one of these distinct designer doggos home, here’s my tips:

Adopt Don’t Shop! Check local rescues and shelters first. But be aware that shelter staff are just guessing at mixed breeds – the dog may not end up looking quite how you expect!

If going the breeder route, be extra diligent finding an ethical, responsible source who health tests all parent dogs. Avoid pet stores and backyard breeders. Expect to join waitlists and pay over $500 for a well-bred pitbull dachshund mix pup.

Ask lots of questions about temperament and specifically request to see health clearances. If possible, meet at least one parent dog too.

Once ya find your perfect pint-sized Pit-Doxie partner, get ready for a lifetime of devotion!

Supplies For Pitbull Dachshund Mixes

  • Sturdy harness for walking, not a neck collar
  • Ramps or stairs to avoid back injury from jumping
  • Puzzle toys to occupy their smart noggins
  • Crate for during the workday
  • Baby gates to keep them contained

Tips For Pit-Doxie Owners

  • Supervise closely when interacting with kids or other pets – their terrier tenacity can cause snippiness
  • Keep weight down to ease joint pressures
  • Train firmly but positively – they are stubborn!
  • Give them a “job” to fulfill their protectiveness like learning to fetch the mail
  • Maintain contact and cuddle time to satisfy their affectionate side

Pit-Doxie Mix FAQs

Still have some burning questions about pitbull dachshund crosses? Let me drop some knowledge to address a few common queries:

Are pitbull dachshund mixes aggressive?

Not inherently – but their protective Pitty instincts mean thorough training is essential from puppyhood up. With confident leadership and clear boundaries, Pit-Doxies make pleasingly loyal pets.

How long do pitbull/dachshund mixes live?

You can expect a typical lifespan around 10 to 14 years when properly cared for. Monitor their backs, joints, weight, and cardiac health for best longevity.

What is the temperament of a dachshund pitbull mix?

Usually lively, affectionate, occasionally stubborn or snippy – the best qualities of both spunky parent breeds! Early socialization gives them the best headstart on life.

Do dachshund pitbull mixes bark a lot?

Yes, their vocal terrier and guard dog lineage makes these petite pups prone to enthusiastic barking! It’s their way of communicating everything from stranger alerts to wanting your attention. Training alternative quiet cues for their needs is key.

Gimme That Hot Doggo!

A’ight guys ‘n gals, that’s a wrap! We done broke down the 101 on these distinctive designer dogs. From their unique looks to ideal homes, hopefully now ya got all the deets on pitbull dachshund mixes.

In short, Pit-Doxies can make devoted dynamite companions for active owners with time to train ‘n tire them out. If their compact size ‘n spicy personality appeals to ya lifestyle, I say go for it!

Just be sure to find an ethical source, provide proper care with vet checks, quality diet and exercise outlets. Do that and your pocket pitty x doxie will pay ya back with years of fun and faithfulness.

Stay tuned for more mixed breed profiles soon, pet parents! Lates.

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