Parti Yorkie Full Grown – All You Need To Know About This Unique Yorkie Color Variation When Fully Grown

The parti Yorkie is a eye-catching color variation of the popular Yorkshire Terrier breed. Also known as the parti-colored Yorkie, they have a coat featuring patches of black, gold, brown, and white fur rather than …

Parti Yorkie Full Grown

The parti Yorkie is a eye-catching color variation of the popular Yorkshire Terrier breed. Also known as the parti-colored Yorkie, they have a coat featuring patches of black, gold, brown, and white fur rather than the traditional solid tan and steel blue coat.

But what happens when a parti Yorkie is full grown? Do they still retain their signature colorful patched coat? Let’s find out!

Appearance of Full Grown Parti Yorkies

When a parti Yorkie reaches their full adult size at around 12-18 months old, their coat goes through some changes but they still maintain their distinctive parti-color markings that make this variety so sought-after.

Coat Color and Texture

The color patches on a full grown parti Yorkie may fade slightly but they never disappear completely. The black and gold/brown patches remain vivid against the white and steel blue areas. The texture is soft, fine, and glossy just like that of a traditional Yorkie. Their colorful standout appearance is a hallmark of the parti Yorkie at any age.


A full grown parti Yorkie generally reaches 4-7 lbs in weight and 7-9 inches in height, similar to their solid color relatives. Some may be slightly smaller or larger but overall their petite size makes them ideal apartment dogs and lapdogs.

Distinct Facial Features

Facial features that define a Yorkshire Terrier are also present in adult parti Yorkies. Their dark alert eyes, small v-shaped erect ears set high on the head, jet black button nose and scissor bite carrying a confident expression all make the parti Yorkie every bit as much a Yorkie as those with traditional coloring when fully matured.

Parti Yorkie Grooming Needs When Fully Grown

Since the parti Yorkie has a typical Yorkie coat type, their grooming routine remains largely the same as adult Yorkies with solid coloring. Here are some grooming requirements:

  • Daily Brushing – Frequent brushing is a must to prevent mats and tangles in their long fine hair. A quality pin brush and metal comb should be used.
  • Occasional Trimming – Many owners prefer to keep the hair long but some trimming around the feet and anus for hygiene purposes may be necessary. The hair on the muzzle can also be neatly trimmed.
  • Bathing – Bathe once every 2-4 weeks with a high quality moisturizing dog shampoo to keep their coat clean and healthy. Overbathing strips the coat of essential oils.
  • Dental Care – Brush their teeth 2-3 times a week and get yearly dental cleanings done by your vet to prevent periodontal disease.
  • Nail Trimming – Trim the nails including the dewclaws every 2-3 weeks to prevent overgrowth and splitting.

So in terms of grooming, the requirements do not differ much between a full grown parti Yorkie and one with traditional coloring. The key is consistent upkeep to maintain the beauty of their lush coat and healthy skin. Investing in high quality grooming tools is highly recommended as well.

Parti Yorkie Temperament When Fully Mature

The parti Yorkie is just as spirited, loyal and affectionate as their solid color counterparts when fully grown over one year in age. Here’s an overview of their personality traits:

  • Lively – They retain a strong lively and playful side well into adulthood and senior years. Supplying interactive toys keeps their mind and body active.
  • Intelligent – Parti Yorkies pick up on tricks and commands very quickly. Challenge their smarts by teaching fun tricks daily and changing up the routines.
  • Affectionate – Nothing changes about their full-hearted affection towards their special humans. They thrive on love and attention from their owners.
  • Alert – The parti Yorkie remains a terrific watchdog due to maintaining their innate alertness and tendency to bark at strange noises or sights.
  • Self-assured – Like all Yorkies, the parti Yorkie possesses almost feline-like confidence and fearlessness despite its tiny package. They have the personality of a big dog!

So the parti Yorkie shows no deviations in temperament at full maturity from the traditional Yorkie – they are eager and fast learners that assert their presence with lively confidence while being completely devoted to their families.

Common Health Issues to Watch For

Since the parti Yorkie is genetically a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, they are prone to the same genetic health conditions. Reputable breeders test their breeding stock though to help minimize risks. Here are the most common issues:

Patellar Luxation

This is a hereditary condition where the kneecap slips out of place, causing lameness in the hind leg. Mild cases may not require treatment but severe forms may necessitate surgery.

Portosystemic Shunt (Liver Shunt)

This is an abnormal blood flow between the liver and the rest of the body. Symptoms are stunted growth, neurological issues, and urinary issues. It’s manageable with diet and sometimes surgery.


Common in toy breeds, this condition is characterized by low blood sugar. Symptoms are lethargy, muscle weakness and seizures. It’s easily managed by feeding small frequent meals.

With proper preventative care, exercise and diet, a full grown parti Yorkie can enjoy a long healthy life of up to 15 years or longer! Be sure to stay up to date on vet exams and vaccinations as well.

Tips for Owning a Parti Yorkie When Fully Mature

Here are some top tips for living harmoniously with your full grown parti Yorkie:

  • Continue providing structured daily exercise through short walks, play time and interactive toys to prevent nuisance behavior from boredom.
  • Parti Yorkie diets should follow a set feeding schedule based on their age, weight and activity level – follow your vet’s guidelines.
  • Set aside dedicated daily one-on-one bonding time like a good belly rub to nurture your friendship!
  • Keep reinforcing training using positive techniques -their intelligence allows them to master even the most complex behaviors.
  • Give them access to both indoor and outdoor secure spaces so they can relieve themselves easily – this makes house-training much easier.
  • Always use a leash or carrier when out in public for the safety of your petite parti Yorkie and to prevent wandering off.
  • Schedule yearly vet dental cleanings to keep their teeth and gums healthy to allow them to comfortably eat nutritious food.
  • Visit the vet at least once a year for preventative care and diagnosis of any developing issues early on.

The parti Yorkie makes a perfect companion when matured if you put in place proper health care, nutrition, training, attention and responsibility as their owner. Respect their needs as a tiny breed and they will reward you with years of devotion, liveliness and affection!

“My beloved parti Yorkie Ziggy brings me infinite joy – his colorful antics and cuddles never cease to put a smile on my face even as he leaves puppyhood behind! I can’t imagine my life without him brightening my days.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the parti Yorkie typically live?

The average lifespan of the parti Yorkie is 13-16 years. Ensure they receive proper vet care, nutrition, exercise and affection to maximize their years by your side.

Does the parti Yorkie shed?

Parti Yorkies have minimally shedding, hypoallergenic coats like all Yorkies. Light shedding can occur but regular brushing easily deals with loose hairs. Those with dog allergies generally tolerate Yorkies very well.

Are parti Yorkies rare?

While still uncommon compared to traditional colored Yorkies, parti Yorkies are growing in popularity and easier to acquire from trustworthy breeders specializing in this variety. Practice due diligence when researching your breeder.

How much does a full grown parti Yorkie eat?

Feed your adult parti Yorkie high quality kibble formulated specifically for toy/small breeds. Feed 1/4 to 1/2 cup split into two meals per day. Quantities can vary based on age, build, metabolism and activity level – consult your vet for exact guidelines.


The parti Yorkie retains all the spectacular qualities Yorkies are prized for – the key difference lies only in their gorgeously unique black, brown, gold and white patchwork coat. When fully matured, the parti Yorkie measures comparably and requires similar care to traditional Yorkies in terms of optimal health, nutrition, grooming, training and responsible indoor/outdoor access. Continuing established fundamentals of preventative and maintenance care ensures your full grown parti Yorkie dazzles as your beloved companion for many years ahead.

So welcome a little parti magic into your world – their colorful streak and lively affection promises to keep each day thrilling by your side!

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