Mittens Morsels Cat Food Review: Is Mittens Morsels A Good Cat Food?

“This post may have affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.” As a proud cat parent, you want to make sure you are feeding your furry friend the best food …

Mittens Morsels Cat Food

“This post may have affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.”

As a proud cat parent, you want to make sure you are feeding your furry friend the best food possible. With so many cat food options on the market, it can be tough to decide which brand is right for your feline.

One brand that is growing in popularity is Mittens Morsels cat food. But is Mittens Morsels a good cat food? I decided to try out this cat food with my own cats and provide an in-depth Mittens Morsels cat food review.

Overview of Mittens Morsels Cat Food

Mittens Morsels is a relatively new brand of cat food that was launched in 2019. They offer a variety of wet and dry cat food products made with high-quality ingredients. Mittens Morsels promotes their cat food as:

  • Made with real meat as the first ingredient
  • Grain-free options available
  • Formulated for all life stages
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

The brand offers product lines for kittens, adult cats, and senior cats. Their formulas include both regular and grain-free recipes packed with protein. Mittens Morsels cat food comes in various forms including pate, shreds, slices, and morsels.

Testing Out Mittens Morsels Cat Food

To provide an accurate review of Mittens Morsels, I purchased a few of their top products to test out with my two cats over the course of a month. Here are the Mittens Morsels cat food products I tried:

During this month-long taste test, I looked at several factors to determine if Mittens Morsels is a good cat food including:

  • Ingredients – Evaluating the quality of ingredients and nutritional value
  • Taste – My cats’ enthusiasm and enjoyment of the food
  • Digestibility – How well the food digested for my cats
  • Cost – Pricing and value comparison

Below I dive into the details of how Mittens Morsels performed in each of these categories.

Mittens Morsels Cat Food Ingredients Analysis

The first thing I analyzed was the ingredient lists on the various Mittens Morsels cat food products. Here is a detailed look at the ingredients:

Mittens Morsels Grain-Free Pate Formula

First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, tuna, dried egg product

This grain-free pate has real chicken as the first ingredient with supplemental chicken broth and liver for added protein. It also contains omega-3 rich tuna.

Mittens Morsels Healthy Weight Dry Cat Food

First 5 Ingredients: Deboned chicken, chicken meal, peas, pea protein, chicken fat

This recipe features lean chicken meat as the first ingredient. It has supplemental chicken meal and fat for concentrated protein sources. It uses plant-based proteins like peas rather than grains.

Mittens Morsels Kitten Canned Cat Food

First 5 Ingredients: Salmon, ocean fish, tuna, chicken broth, dried egg whites

This kitten formula offers an assortment of fish proteins like salmon, tuna, and ocean fish. It has chicken broth for moisture.

Mittens Morsels Senior Dry Cat Food

First 5 Ingredients: Turkey, chicken meal, brown rice, chicken fat, peas

The senior recipe has turkey meat as the first ingredient with the concentrated chicken meal. It includes digestible carbs from brown rice and peas.

When looking at the ingredients in Mittens Morsels cat food, I was pleased to see real meat, poultry, or fish consistently listed as the first ingredient. This indicates that meat makes up the largest portion of the food. There were no fillers, artificial flavors or chemical preservatives. The ingredients aligned with Mittens Morsels promises of quality cat food.

Observing My Cats’ Enthusiasm for Mittens Morsels

The true test of any cat food is whether or not cats enjoy eating it! I paid close attention to my cats’ reactions to each Mittens Morsels formula.

Within the first feeding, I noticed both of my cats eagerly devouring the Mittens Morsels wet and dry cat food. The moist pate and shredded textures seemed very palatable to them. They consistently licked their bowls clean after meals.

One of my cats is quite the picky eater, yet he had no problem scarfing down the Grain-Free Chicken & Turkey Pate. He would meow for more shortly after finishing.

The Kitten Formula also proved to be a big hit. My younger cat loved the taste and would get excited as soon as she heard the can open.

Based on my cats’ obvious enjoyment of the food, Mittens Morsels delivers on providing tasty cat food made with flavorful ingredients. Their enthusiasm didn’t wane during the entire month of testing the food.

Monitoring Mittens Morsels Digestibility

For cat food to be considered high quality, it must also be easy for cats to digest. Digestibility impacts nutrient absorption, stool quality, and gut health. I monitored my cats closely while transitioning to Mittens Morsels cat food and throughout the month.

Their digestion remained regular with normal, well-formed stools. I saw no signs of digestive upset like vomiting or diarrhea. Their coats stayed consistently glossy, which indicates healthy nutrient absorption.

The ingredients like quality proteins and natural fiber sources in Mittens Morsels formulas contribute to their digestibility. The food provided complete and balanced nutrition that my cats’ bodies handled well.

Mittens Morsels Cat Food Pricing and Value

The last aspect I considered in this Mittens Morsels cat food review was the pricing and overall value. Here is how the cost compares:

Comparing Mittens Morsel’s prices to other premium cat food brands in the same product classes, their prices are very reasonable. The expense aligns with the quality of ingredients and nutrition they deliver. I found the food provided excellent value.

You may pay a little more for Mittens Morsels over generic brands that use lower-quality ingredients. However, you get what you pay for in terms of nutrient density and ingredients.

The Verdict: Is Mittens Morsels a Good Cat Food?

After conducting my own thorough review of Mittens Morsels cat food across a variety of formulas, I can confidently say it is a very good cat food brand. Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons:

Pros of Mittens Morsels Cat Food:

  • Quality ingredients including real meat proteins
  • Grain-free options available
  • noticeably tasty formulas cats love
  • Easy-to-digest formulas
  • Nutritionally balanced for all life stages
  • Reasonably priced for the quality

Cons of Mittens Morsels Cat Food:

  • Limited protein options (mostly chicken and fish based)
  • Has some plant protein ingredients (peas, potato protein)
  • Only sold at pet specialty stores or online

Overall, the pros of Mittens Morsels cat food far outweigh any cons. The natural ingredients and balanced nutrition make this an excellent choice. My own fussy felines give Mittens Morsels their seal of approval too!

Top Recommended Mittens Morsels Cat Food Formulas

While all the Mittens Morsels cat food recipes I tested were great, a few stood out as favorites. Here are my top recommended Mittens Morsels formulas:

  • Mittens Morsels Ocean Medley Canned Cat Food (for cats who need more fish proteins)
  • Mittens Morsels Kitten Formula Dry Cat Food (provides complete nutrition for growing kittens)
  • Mittens Morsels Chicken & Turkey Recipe Senior Dry Cat Food (ideal for aging cats)

No matter what life stage your cat is in, Mittens Morsels offers nutritious and appetizing options. Their recipes make it easy to find a formula suited for your feline.

What Makes a Good Cat Food?

If Mittens Morsels doesn’t make the grade, what should cat owners look for instead? Here are the top criteria for a truly high quality cat food:

  • Meat-first ingredients: Multiple named meat sources like chicken meal, turkey, fish.
  • 30%+ protein: Cats thrive on a meat-heavy, low carb diet.
  • Moderate fat: Around 15% from animal sources. Provides energy and satiety.
  • Very low carbs: Cats don’t need significant carbohydrates, under 10% is ideal.
  • Moisture under 10%: Meat meals preferred for concentrated proteins.
  • No fillers: Avoid corn, wheat, soy, by-products.
  • No artificial additives: No colors, flavors, or preservatives.
  • Species-appropriate: Designed specifically to match cat nutritional needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mittens Morsels Cat Food

Here are answers to some common questions cat owners have about Mittens Morsels cat food:

1. Is Mittens Morsels cat food grain-free?

Yes, Mittens Morsels offers both grain-free and recipes with grains like rice. Their grain-free options use digestible carbs like sweet potato.

2. Is Mittens Morsels a good kitten food?

Yes, their kitten formulas have the proper calorie density and nutrients like taurine for growth. Kittens love the taste too!

3. Is Mittens Morsels human-grade cat food?

While not officially classified as human-grade, Mittens Morsels uses high-quality ingredients fit for human consumption.

4. Is there a Mittens Morsels senior cat food?

Yes, they have recipes tailored for less active senior cats with lower calorie counts and controlled phosphorus levels.

5. Where can I buy Mittens Morsels cat food?

Mittens Morsels is sold at independent pet retailers and online retailers like Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, and Amazon.

The Bottom Line: Mittens Morsels is a Healthy Cat Food

In my experience, Mittens Morsels is one of the best cat food brands currently available. Their recipes give cats delicious and balanced nutrition. My own picky cats love dining on Mittens Morsels wet and dry food.

Based on the quality ingredients, positive impacts I saw in my cats, and reasonable pricing, I highly recommend cat owners give Mittens Morsels a try. Their food delivers the tasty and healthy nutrition cats crave. Mittens Morsels cat food will have your feline licking their bowl clean while getting the right nutrients.

So if you want cat food you can feel good about it. It also satisfies even persnickety cats, Mittens Morsels is a great choice! This brand has certainly earned my stamp of approval.

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