Greyhound Pitbull Mix – The Unique Cross of Racer and Terrier

The greyhound pitbull mix is an unusual but intriguing hybrid dog that blends the lean physique of the racing greyhound with the stocky strength of the pitbull terrier. This unique crossbreed combines some of the …

greyhound pitbull mix

The greyhound pitbull mix is an unusual but intriguing hybrid dog that blends the lean physique of the racing greyhound with the stocky strength of the pitbull terrier. This unique crossbreed combines some of the best traits of both parent breeds, producing an athletic, energetic, and loyal canine companion.

As interest grows in designer dogs, the greyhound pitbull mix offers an appealing balance of gentle temperament and vigor that could make it more popular in coming years.

But the hybrid is not ideal for all families. Learning about the crossed backgrounds, temperamental nuances, ideal living conditions and health considerations of the greyhound pitbull mix helps determine if this distinctive dog suits your lifestyle.

Origins of the Greyhound Pitbull Mix

The greyhound pitbull mix is likely a recent intentional hybrid combining two ancient breeds – the smooth-coated greyhound and the stocky American Pit Bull Terrier.

History of the Greyhound

Greyhounds derive from ancient Arabian Sloughis and Greek hounds bred over millennia for coursing game by sight. Their aerodynamic physique, flexible spine, long legs, and lean muscles allowed them to spot and run down fleet-footed prey over distances.

Selective breeding enhanced the sighthound traits while also producing a gentle, noble temperament. The graceful greyhound became a popular racing breed by the 1800s but also retains its standing as a loyal companion animal today.

History of the American Pit Bull Terrier

Pitbulls arose from bulldogs originally used for bear baiting in medieval England. After that blood sport was outlawed, the strong bulldogs were utilized in “ratting” contests where dogs competed to kill the most rats in enclosed pits.

Pitbull-type dogs helped pioneer American frontier life. Settlers valued their working abilities in farm work, hunting, and family protection. Dog fighting contests also contributed to the breed’s early development before being banned.

The American Pit Bull was officially recognized in 1898. Its athleticism, strength, determination and affability toward people make it a popular modern performance and companion breed.

Intent of the Greyhound Pitbull Mix

Crossbreeding greyhounds and pitbulls creates puppies with a genetic range between the middle-sized parents. The hybrid often exhibits the lean greyhound shape alongside the broad pitbull head and muscularity.

The greyhound pitbull mix draws interest from prospective owners seeking an energetic and devoted canine companion. Its background as sporting and working breeds also suits owners able to provide this mix with plenty of daily activity and attention.

While the hybrid’s disposition can favor either parental line, proper training and socialization from an early age usually results in an affectionate and even-tempered dog. Responsible breeding also promotes good health and temperament.

Physical Traits of the Greyhound Pitbull Mix

As a crossbreed, the greyhound pitbull mix displays an array of physical features. Puppies from the same litter can vary widely depending on which parent they favor. However, some commonalities typically emerge when crossing these influential breeds.

Size, Height and Weight

The adult greyhound pitbull mix generally stands 21-27 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 55-85 pounds. Its physique leans closer toward the lean greyhound, but with additional bulk from the stocky pitbull lineage.

Males tend to be at the higher ends of the height and weight ranges. Variability exists across mix-bred dogs depending on which parent’s genes dominate. Responsibly bred litters aim for uniformity of size and avoiding extremes.

Head and Facial Features

The hybrid’s head shape can run the gamut from the long, narrow greyhound skull to the broad, squared-off pitbull mug. Most exhibit a moderate width muzzle and skull.

Floppy low-set ears are more common than fully erect ears. Eye color covers all shades from brown to hazel to green and blue. The short coat commonly takes on fawn, red, white, brindle or black hues seen in both parental types.

Body, Musculature and Tail

The greyhound pitbull mix typically displays the lean overall outline of a sighthound yet with sturdier musculature through its limbs and chest from the terrier genes. The back often appears long but flexible and the tail tapers to a point.

Pitbull heritage can contribute a slight underbite along with a very muscular physique through the front legs, chest and hindquarters. These hybrids require plenty of activity to remain fit and prevent weight gain in adulthood.

Temperament and Personality

A well-bred greyhound pitbull mix draws from the gentle dispositions of its quick-footed sighthound and the attentive loyalty innate in working terriers. Proper socialization and training augments the hybrid’s capacity for an even, friendly temperament.

Affectionate Nature

The affectionate natures of its parental breeds generally pass along to greyhound pitbull mix pups. Most mature into dogs that form close bonds with family. They typically do best as indoor companions receiving plenty of human interaction and outlets for their energy.

Prey Drive Considerations

The hybrid can inherit some prey drive from its greyhound ancestry. Providing supervision, containment and obedience training helps minimize temptation to chase small fleeing animals. Starting socialization early also allows acclimating the dog safely to any household cats.

Children and Other Pets

Like most breeds, early supervision is advised when small children interact with the greyhound pitbull mix. However once bonded with family, the hybrid usually proves trustworthy and protective around kids. It can thrive as well in multi-pet households when properly acclimated.

Exercise and Activity Needs

Owning any mix derived from sporting greyhound and working pit bull lines demands fulfilling higher activity requirements. The crossbreed’s energetic temperament suits homes able to provide at least 60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily.

Energy to Burn

The athletic hybrid needs consistent opportunities to run full speed ahead– making enclosed spaces for safe off-leash play a priority. Long jogs, hiking and intense games of fetch help prevent nuisance behavior arising from pent-up energy.

Muscles to Maintain

The muscular but lean body befitting a sighthound/terrier cross requires more conditioning than typical for many breeds. Owners should consult veterinarians on appropriate exercise that keeps their adolescent through senior dog fit. Massage and joint supplements also promote mobility and flexibility through maturity.

Playfulness and Environmental Needs

Mental stimulation complements their physical activity requirements. The innate playfulness of pit bulls balances the greyhound’s more serious working focus. Secure backyards suit their curiosity and interaction needs. But they should not be left unsupervised outdoors very long – their bonding nature desires being around “their people”.

Training Considerations for the Hybrid

The greyhound’s sensitivity mixed with the terrier’s determination requires patience and consistency when training the crossbreed. Their moderate intelligence and eagerness to please ultimately facilitate teaching basic obedience and household manners.


Starting puppies early with short positive reinforcement sessions ensures the fastest success teaching commands and respectful walking manners as adults. The hybrid’s athleticism allows ample capability meeting expectations of proper leash behavior.


Frequent exposure to new places, people and other animals must begin in early puppyhood to fulfill the crossbreed’s need for social engagement. Rewards-based and force-free methods work best when acclimating them positively to unfamiliar stimuli.


Close supervision and regular access outside enable most pups to achieve reasonable housetraining within a few months. Their energetic nature however means some take longer to gain full urinary and bowel control compared to less active breeds.

Ideal Living Conditions

The greyhound pitbull mix thrives as part of an active family in roomier living quarters providing more freedom. Their sensitivity to extreme temperatures also benefits from climate-controlled indoor spaces.

Indoor Housing

The hybrid should reside primarily inside with household members granting its higher need for companionship. Sighthounds also acclimate better than some breeds to peaceful coexistence with resident cats when properly introduced.

Outdoor Security

Fenced backyards satisfy their exercise requirements. But the inherited inclination to run and chase means supervision is a must when allowing free access outside. Sturdy six foot enclosures with reinforced bottoms prevent escape and digging concerns.

Climate Considerations

The short single coat of sighthound/pit bull mixes makes them prone to temperature extremes. Avoid leaving them unattended long in winter cold or summer heat. Indoor climate control ensures their health and contentment through swings in weather.

Regular grooming easily manages their short fur. Bathing only when dirty reduces skin dryness and irritation. Nails require occasional trimming to maintain functional length. Teeth brushing two to three times weekly promotes gum health.

Health Issues to Know

All dog breeds face some health challenges through their lives. Staying informed about risks seen in greyhound and pit bull lineages helps provide the earliest interventions for hybrid offspring.

Bone and Joint Problems

The stress of racing predisposes greyhounds to injury. Pit bulls also endure significant concussion on their frame from their strength and bullishness. Hip and elbow dysplasia, patella luxation and osteoarthritis occur more often in older mixes. Regular joint supplements aid prevention. Early diagnosis allows medication to slow progression.

Heart Disease

Both parent breeds demonstrate higher-than-normal susceptibility to dilated cardiomyopathy. It’s a condition where the heart becomes enlarged and cannot pump blood effectively. Annual veterinary exams include listening for abnormal heart rhythms that signal deterioration.


Fast-growing greyhounds experience higher incidences of blood cancers like lymphoma and leukemia. Slow-developing masses tend to arise more often in pit bulls. Catching concerning lumps or lesions early via regular skin exams and biopsies increases treatment success if they prove malignant.


Itchy skin and recurrent ear infections plague certain sensitive individuals. Trial avoidance diets first help determine any food triggers. Daily fish oil supplements deter allergic symptoms when environmental factors seem more likely the culprit.

Is the Greyhound Pitbull Mix Right for You?

The unique cross of sleek sighthound and stocky terrier isn’t the optimal choice for every dog lover. But those able to fulfill their needs find a delightful companion. Assessing your prospective ability to provide the essentials helps determine if their strengths and challenges suit your lifestyle.

Key Considerations Checklist

  • Active households able to physically and mentally exercise them 60+ minutes daily
  • Safely enclosed outdoor spaces for free play and relief
  • Climate-controlled indoor quarters with companionship
  • Early training and continued reinforcement using rewards-based methods
  • Time and affordability for proper veterinary care throughout life
  • Commitment to purchase only from responsible breeders screening against health risks

If the above considerations align with your means and intentions for dog guardianship, an athletic greyhound pitbull mix could prove a treasured life teammate. They aim to please their special people and reciprocate caretaking with profound devotion.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Greyhound Pitbull Mix Breed

Prospective owners have plenty more great questions about whether the distinctive greyhound pitbull mix suits their home life. Below are answers covering some commonly asked considerations.

How big do greyhound pitbull mixes get?

The hybrid’s adult weight typically spans 55-85 pounds depending on whether they take after stocky pitbull or leaner greyhound parents. Their height at the shoulder averaging 21-27 inches tall.

What kinds of colors and coats do they have?

Solid shades of fawn, black, white, brindle and red appear most often. Markings sometimes accent the base coat color. Their fur is always short, smooth and usually glossy.

Do they bark a lot?

Most hybrids are not overly vocal dogs. They may bark warning sounds or express excitement but not endure much barking without provocation. Their calm sighthound genes help curb excessive annoyance noises.

How expensive is a greyhound pitbull mix puppy?

Designer breed pups range $500-1500+ across purebred generations. Reputable breeders invest in health screens so buyers should beware very cheap litters indicative of poor practices.

What generation makes the best hybrid?

Later generations (F3, F4 etc.) tend to exhibit the most uniform temperament and physicality. Whereas F1 crosses (first generation) range more widely as each pup inherits more traits randomly from their diverse purebred parents.

How long do greyhound pitbull mixes live?

The typical lifespan averages 10 to 14 years. Providing excellent nutrition, activity outlets, preventive care and early disease intervention helps ensure reaching the high end of their expectancy.

Do pitbull/greyhound mixes need a lot of running?

Yes – their athletic background equates to very high energy and endurance. They require over an hour of hard aerobic exercise daily, making them best suited for extremely active owners able to run/bike them over distance regularly.

Closing Thoughts on Choosing a Greyhound Pitbull Mix

The unique hybrid crossing lively pit bull heritage with fleet greyhound genes creates a high-energy canine suited best for very dynamic homes. When properly trained, exercised and cared for, the greyhound pitbull mix exchanges tireless capability and deep devotion with their special humans.

Responsible consideration should precede acquiring any dog to ensure fair provision for their breed-specific needs throughout maturity. But welcoming a crossbreed’s wonderful strengths while realistically addressing their particular weaknesses often results in a dream companion animal.

I hope the thorough background provided on the greyhound pitbull mix here helps determine if their blend of gentle tenacity and vigor could prosper delightfully within your family’s lifestyle! Let me know if any other questions arise about this fascinating modern hybrid.

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