Flat Hamsters: The Viral Sensation of Flattening Hamster Fur Fully Explained

Yo what’s good my dudes and dudettes! Today we’re gonna be talking about one of the weirdest, most hilarious pet trends that’s been popping off lately – flat hamsters. That’s right, I’m talking about hamsters …

Flat Hamster

Yo what’s good my dudes and dudettes! Today we’re gonna be talking about one of the weirdest, most hilarious pet trends that’s been popping off lately – flat hamsters.

That’s right, I’m talking about hamsters that be looking flatter than a pancake! Crazy right? Let’s dive into this wild world of flattened furballs.

What Are Flat Hamsters?

Flat hamsters are literally just what they sound like – hamsters that have been groomed or styled to look super flat and pancaked. Instead of their usual round, fluffy selves, their fur gets brushed until it lies completely flat against their bodies.

Some owners even use products like hair gel or spray to keep their hamster’s coat sleeked down. The result is a cute little rodent that looks like it got sat on or dragged across concrete. Kinda weird but also pretty hilarious!

They started getting attention a few years ago when pet owners began posting pics of their flattened furry friends on social media. People couldn’t get enough of how silly yet adorable these squished-looking hams were!

Since then, flat hamming has become a growing trend in the hamster community. Let’s check out some reasons why peeps be flattenin’ their furry compadres:

Why People Flatten Their Hamsters

There’s a few main motivations behind this odd hamster hair trend:

1. It’s Funny AF

Let’s be real, the main reason people be smooshing their hamsters is because it looks hilarious. Seeing a usually round ball of fluff suddenly transformed into a furry pancake is straight up comedy gold.

Pet owners get a kick out of posting pics of their flat hams online and making their friends laugh. Gotta admit, those lil’ fuzzballs do be looking pretty silly all smoothed out!

2. Easier Grooming & Handling

Another motivation is that flattening a hamster’s coat makes them way easier to brush and groom. Their fur lies flat so you can more easily brush out tangles, mats, and loose hair. This helps keep their coat clean and healthy.

It also makes handling easier since flat hams have less fluff to grab onto stuff. No more getting those lil’ claws caught in their own fur! Smooshing their fuzz down stops them from catching on things as much when you pick them up.

3. Unique Look

Some peeps just think their flattened furball looks cool! It gives their hamster a unique style that pops on Instagram or TikTok. When done right, flat hams can look sleek and shiny, almost like a hipster Armenian hamster.

For pet owners looking to make their hams stand out, rockin’ a flattened coat does the trick!

4. Easier Fits in Hideouts

One practical reason owners flatten hamsters is to make them fit better in tunnels, hideouts, and tubes. Their smaller flat shape lets them easily sneak through narrow spaces.

No more getting frustratingly stuck halfway through a tunnel! It’s a useful hack for ham-keepers with connectable habitats and multi-chamber hideaways.

5. Prevents Fur Chewing

Some hams compulsively overgroom and chew their own fur out of stress or boredom. Smooshing their coats down can stop them from being able to reach and nibble those luscious locks.

Flat styling minimizes this destructive chewing behavior and saves their fur. Pretty clever if you ask me!

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How To Flatten a Hamster’s Fur

Alright, let’s get into the good stuff – how do you actually transform a fluffy ham into a flattened fuzzy pancake? Here’s a lil’ step-by-step guide:

1. Brush Thoroughly

First, thoroughly brush out your hams coat with a slicker brush or small comb. This smooths the fur and gets rid of any tangles or debris.

Pro tip: Use a moistened cotton round to gently wipe off any stuck-on bedding or dirt. Gotta start with clean fur for maximum flatten potential!

2. Apply Product (Optional)

Some owners apply a tiny amount of rodent-safe product like aloe vera gel or flaxseed oil to slick down the fibers. This helps weigh down the hair strands so they lie flat when brushed. But go super sparingly – hams will try to lick it off!

3. Brush Flat Against Body

Now comes the squishing! Using a brush, slicker, or even your hands, gently smooth the hamster’s coat so it lies completely flat against their body. Brush against the direction it naturally sticks up to mat it down. Cover every inch from head to toe!

4. Check for Missed Spots

Look over your Smooshed ham closely for any spots that still look poufy. Target those areas with more brushing until the whole coat is evenly flattened. Don’t forget their little faces and booties!

5. Maintain Styling

To keep your flat ham looking fly, you’ll need to maintain the styling. Their fur will naturally get fluffy again as it grows out. Re-brush daily or every other day to keep the sleek, flattened look. Make it part of your regular hamster grooming routine!

And that’s it – you’ve officially got yourself a fancy flattened furball! Now your little critter looks like roadkill but somehow cuter.

Do Hamsters Like Being Flattened?

Good question! Some important things to keep in mind:

  • Brush gently – Aggressive flattening can tug on their sensitive skin. Go slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t force positions – Let your ham move naturally during grooming. Don’t physically press them down.
  • Watch for signs of stress – If they seem very agitated, take a break. Forced handling is stressful.
  • With proper technique, most hamsters learn to tolerate flattening quite well. But others may not dig it. Pay attention to your individual ham’s reactions.
  • Only flatten short coated breeds like Syrians and Roborovskis. Long fur types like Angoras can mat and tangle.
  • Long fluff provides insulation against cold. Don’t overly flatten thicker winter coats.

So in summary – flat styling is fine for many hams with proper care and moderation. But don’t force it on a hamster that hates being smoothed! Do what’s best for your unique pet’s comfort and wellbeing.

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Fun Flat Hamster Styles to Try

Once you’ve mastered the basic flattened hamster, there’s all kinds of fun variations you can play around with! Here’s some creative flat hams styles people have come up with:

Flat Top

Make the top of your ham look hilariously flat but leave their sides fluffy. Gives them a funky faux-hawk silhouette!


Smooth their entire coat back into a perfect round pancake shape. Then just add a lil pat of hamster safe “butter” and “syrup” for a breakfast-themed laugh.

Hipster Fluff

Leave a puffy pom-pom tail plus funky fluffs on their cheeks and/or booty. Looks like your ham got a perm at an indie pet salon!

Flat + Spiky

Spike up the fur on their back while keeping their sides flat. Looks like your ham got struck by lightning – electrocuted but cute!

Dynamic Duos

Flatten two hams and style them as opposites – one sleek and one fluffy. Double the delightful weirdness in one pic!

Holiday Hams

Do festive flattenings for holidays like flattened hearts for Valentine’s Day or green flattened clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. Spread some flattened furry cheer!

Let your creativity run wild and get funky with your flat ham designs. The goofier the better!


While bizarre, flat hamster styling provides some legitimate benefits with proper technique. Owners should remain mindful of hamster comfort and only flatten coats gently and temporarily. Approach with moderation to let your little buddy enjoy their natural fluff too!

At the end of the day, flattened hams exist mostly for amusement. The quirky trend brings joy and laughter to pet owners across the internet. And who doesn’t love a good absurdist meme starring a pancaked rodent? Just be sure to stay mindful of hamster wellbeing while satisfying your flat furry fixation!

So go forth and flatten those hams, my friends – with care and moderation of course! May your fuzzy little ones bring you as many giggles as possible with their hilariously hobbled hairdos. Let’s keep enjoying the delightful absurdity of these scrunched up furballs. All hail the flat hams!

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