Cosmic Values Pet Simulator X: Understanding the Worth of Exclusive Pets

Pet Simulator X has taken the ROBLOX platform by storm, garnering over 4 billion visits since its launch in 2021. This unique game allows players to collect and trade different pets, with rarer finds fetching …

Cosmic Values Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X has taken the ROBLOX platform by storm, garnering over 4 billion visits since its launch in 2021. This unique game allows players to collect and trade different pets, with rarer finds fetching ever-increasing values amongst the community.

However, understanding the worth of exclusive pets can be confusing for new players entering the space. This article will break down how Cosmic Values in Pet Simulator X are determined and provide tips on valuating your own rare catches.

Determining Factors That Influence Cosmic Values

Several key factors impact the cosmic values (CV) of Pet Simulator X pets:


As with any collection, rarity plays a massive role in dictating values. Pets categorized as Exclusive, Mythical, or Legendary tend to command the highest CVs based simply on low pull rates. For example, huge Hellish Axcolotls, with a mere 0.005% hatch chance, carry CVs in the quintillions.


Demand also heavily influences CV calculations. Even if a pet is exceptionally rare, if interest is low among collectors then values will decrease over time. On the flip side, pets that are coveted because of certain colors, appearances, or statuses can increase exponentially in worth.

Game Updates

The Pet Simulator X developers are constantly unleashing new worlds, eggs, and features. Whenever a major update happens, the meta and demand shifts as players rush to acquire the latest exclusive drops. This causes their CVS to skyrocket until supply stabilizes. staying on top of patch notes is key to capitalizing on these spikes in value.

Some of the most in-demand exclusives due to recent major updates include:

– Hacked Cat (Tech World Update)
– Gargoyle Ghoul (Halloween Update 2022)
– Santa Paws (Christmas Update 2022)

How to Check Current Cosmic Values

With cosmic values changing rapidly alongside new updates and mercurial demand, checking accurate values on exclusive pets can be tricky business. Here are some of the best methods:

Cosmic Value Indexes

The Cosmic Value Index on the Pet Simulator X Fandom wiki compiles crowd-sourced value estimates into handy lookup tables. Contributors update these CVI listings regularly making them a reliable (if slightly lagging) indicator.

Sorted alphabetically or by rarity tier, players can cross-reference their exclusive pets against real-time adopted averages. Just be aware that many newer releases may not have generated enough trade data to appear on CVI charts yet.

Exclusive Pet Leaderboards

The in-game Exclusive Pet Leaderboards display the top pets sorted by rarity score. Hovering over a leaderboard pet shows its name, rarity tier, owner, and current crystalline aurora values.

Since a pet’s worth usually scales in line with rarity rating, checking leaderboard CV listings for comparable exclusives can indicate a rough baseline. Just keep in mind that demand discrepancies mean some pets will diverge from straight rarity-based valuations.

Trusted Value Traders

Value traders are Pet Simulator X players who specialize in understanding and disseminating accurate cosmic values across the community. They combine crowded data, exclusive pet indexes, release schedules, and player demand trends to publish regular CV updates.

Recent Completed Trades

Observing what other players are actually paying for exclusive pets in servers and social channels can give a strong indicator of real trading values.

For example, tracking the Pet Simulator X Discord #exclusive-trading channel for recent sales can help benchmark your pet’s worth based on the current market.

5 Tips for Valuing Your Own Exclusive Pets

Wondering what your special pet might be worth for trading or selling? Here are 5 handy tips:

Pro Tip: Check both Crystalline Aura value (CA) and Rainbow Dam nation Value (RDV) as exclusive pets carry values in both currencies.

1. Identify Key Factors

Start by identifying the key factors that influence value for your specific pet:

  • Rarity tier
  • Demand and desirability
  • Egg/world of origin
  • Limited status
  • Colors, patterns, accessories etc.

These characteristics give you baseline clues on where to start researching.

2. Check Index Listings

Cross-reference your pet against the Cosmic Value Index charts for averages in its rarity bracket. This checks if your assumptions align with broader crowdsourced data.

3. Review Recent Trades

Dig into forums, Discords, Twitter feeds etc. to find recent sales for comparable exclusives. Price trends in actual transactions best reflect of current values.

4. Consult Value Traders

Reaching out to renowned value traders directly through social channels can provide the most accurate live appraisals. Many are happy to assess pets for players.

5. List at Higher End of Range

When unsure, list at the higher end of your researched value range. You can always incrementally reduce if no buyers emerge, but lowballing means leaving potential currency on the table.

Wrapping Up on Cosmic Values

Determining accurate values for exclusive pets requires blending multiple data sources while keeping tabs on crowdsourced indexes, value traders, transaction records, and update schedules. With rarity tiers, player demand, and new releases all shifting values, mispricing pets is extremely common.

Hopefully these cosmic value tips give new Pet Simulator X players a leg up on understanding exclusive pet worths in trading and collecting. As always with such a dynamic environment, conducting thorough research pays off when aiming to build that ultimate Luxy Dream Team.

Key Takeaways:

– Rarity, demand, game updates all influence cosmic values
– Check Crowdsourced Indexes, Leaderboards and Trusted Traders for estimates
– Observe recent completed trades for current prices
– Identify factors like rarity tier and demand patterns on your pet
– When uncertain, list higher until a buyer emerges
– Values change rapidly so real-time data is essential

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