The Adorable Corgi Pomeranian Mix

The corgi pomeranian mix, sometimes called a Pomgi or Corgipom, is a popular hybrid dog breed blending the genetics of the Welsh Corgi and Pomeranian. This cute crossbreed dog combines the best qualities of both …

corgi pomeranian mix

The corgi pomeranian mix, sometimes called a Pomgi or Corgipom, is a popular hybrid dog breed blending the genetics of the Welsh Corgi and Pomeranian.

This cute crossbreed dog combines the best qualities of both its parent breeds into one adorable, fluffy package. Keep reading to learn all about Pomgi breed traits, appearance, temperament, health, puppy costs, and more about this perfect family pet.

Pomgi Dog Breed Overview

The Pomgi is a designer dog that first appeared in the United States within the last 20-30 years. They usually grow to be small-sized dogs when fully grown, thanks to the Pomeranian’s influence. Some key facts about the corgi pomeranian mix:

  • Life Expectancy: 12 to 15 years.
  • Size: Small, usually weighing 15 to 30 pounds.
  • Exercise: Moderate daily activity levels.
  • Coat: Long, dense, fluffy double coat sheds moderately.
  • Best home: Active singles, couples, and families with older children. Must have securely fenced yard.

Let’s explore further details about this hybrid dog’s looks and temperament in the sections below.

Appearance of a Pomgi

The corgi pomeranian mix is a very cute fluffy dog that can resemble either of its parent breeds more closely. Most Pomgis have a fox-like appearance with pointy, alert ears. Their tails curl up onto their back similarly to Pomeranians.

Coloring and Coat

Pomgis commonly exhibit tan, orange, red, black, brown and white colors throughout their fluffy coats. Merle, brindle and sable patterning also sometimes occurs. Their long, dense double-layer coats tend to shed moderately. Regular brushing helps manage loose hairs.


The average Pomgi stands 10 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 15 to 30 pounds when fully grown. However, some corgi pomeranian mixes end up smaller or larger depending on which parent they favor.

Head and Ears

These hybrid dogs usually have broad heads featuring almond-shaped eyes, pointy Pomeranian-style erect ears and a fox-like muzzle.

Overall the corgi pomeranian mix is a pleasant-looking hybrid dog with an adorable fluffy appearance. Next let’s explore their personality and temperament.

Pomgi Dog Temperament and Behavior

The typical Pomgi has an agreeable, friendly attitude similar to Corgis, combined with the lively exuberance of Pomeranians. However, some dogs may exhibit more reserved Pomeranian traits. Early socialization is important to prevent shyness. Properly raised, Pomgis make devoted family companions.


Corgi pomeranian mix pups tend to be very affectionate and attached with their owners. They’ll eagerly greet you and follow you from room to room when home. These energetic dogs enjoy being held and cuddled too.


Pomgis rank high in playfulness thanks to their spirited Pomeranian heritage. You can expect plenty of antics, tricks and performing from this hybrid dog. Interactive dog toys will be required to keep them happily occupied.


The corgi pomeranian mix maintains an alert, inquisitive nature. They’ll quickly sound the alarm whenever anything is amiss in their home or yard. Some barking should be expected with early training recommended to prevent nuisance barking.

Other Traits

Properly socialized from puppyhood, Pomgis should get along fine with strangers, children and other household pets. They can adapt well to many different living situations when their people are around to supervise.

Are Corgi Pomeranian Mix Good Family Dogs?

Yes, the playful and people-oriented corgi pomeranian mix generally makes an excellent family companion when raised with proper training and early socialization. Gentle supervision is still required around very small children until dogs become completely comfortable.

Some great traits that make Pomgis wonderful family pets include:

  • Extreme devotion and loyalty with family members.
  • Can adjust to apartments or houses when exercised sufficiently.
  • Fun-loving temperament enjoys playing games with kids.
  • Travels well for vacations and trips.
  • Friendly and peaceful with other household pets if raised together.

Thousands of happy Corgipom owners will attest that this designer dog breed makes the perfect addition for both couples and families with older, respectful kids.

Corgi Cross Pomeranian Mix Health Issues

As a newer hybrid dog breed, the Pomgi face fewer genetically inherited health conditions compared to purebreds. However, prospective owners should aware of certain issues found in the parent breeds:

Common Health Problems

  • Back Problems – Intervertebral disc disease possible. Avoid injuries from jumping.
  • Collapsing Trachea – Throat cartilage damage causing airway obstruction. More prevalent in smaller dogs.
  • Eye Issues – Cataracts, glaucoma and progressive retinal atrophy sometimes seen.
  • Hip Dysplasia – Malformed hip socket causes arthritis and lameness.
  • Patellar Luxation – Dislocated kneecap. Mild cases can resolve without surgery in small dogs.

Responsible breeders screen breeding dogs for these heritable conditions to minimize their prevalence in future generations. Avoid buying corgi pomeranian mix puppies from unethical puppy mills or backyard breeders.

Routine vet care helps keep Pomgis healthy:

  • Annual exams and vaccinations
  • Monthly flea/tick and heartworm preventatives
  • Spaying/neutering as recommended
  • Dental checkups and tooth brushing
  • Weight management with proper diet and exercise

With attentive owner care, the average corgi pomeranian mix life expectancy falls between 12 to 15 years.

Finding Corgi Cross Pomeranian Mix Puppies

Demand for Pomgi puppies continues growing as more people discover these adorable designer dogs. Prices typically run $500 to $2000 USD per puppy. Factors impacting price include breeder reputation, pedigree, supply availability and location.

Where to Find Reputable Breeders

Finding ethical, responsible corgi pomeranian mix breeders requires patience and planning. Avoid supporting cruel puppy mills just to save money upfront. We recommend these steps for locating a great breeder:

  1. Search sites like the American Kennel Club Marketplace.
  2. Vet references from any potential breeders under consideration.
  3. Schedule meet and greets before committing.
  4. Review health testing documentation for parent dogs.
  5. Join Corgi and Pomeranian breed Facebook groups to network with specialty owners and breeders.

It’s also possible to adopt rescued Pomgis, though they remain quite rare in shelters currently. Check Petfinder and Adoptapet frequently for availability.

Caring for a Corgi Pomeranian Mix

Pomgi dogs have relatively few special care requirements, but they are energetic indoor companions needing daily activity and attention from their owners. Some key considerations:

Exercise & Activity Levels

  • At least 30-60 minutes of vigorous walking and/or playtime daily.
  • Enjoy learning tricks, agility courses, scent tracking and more.
  • Apartment life OK with sufficient outdoor exercise opportunities nearby. Access to a yard is ideal.

Grooming & Coat Care

  • Moderate shedders needing weekly brushing and combing.
  • Bathe every 2-3 months or when dirty using gentle dog shampoo.
  • Check and clean ears regularly for infection prevention.
  • Trim nails monthly if not worn down naturally.
  • Brush teeth frequently with vet-approved toothpaste.

Nutrition & Feeding Tips

  • Feed a high-quality dry dog food formulated for small breed puppies, adults or seniors.
  • Stick to standard feeding guidelines based on weight to prevent obesity.
  • Use puzzle toys or snuffle mats to make mealtimes more enriching.
  • Avoid overusing treats and table scraps as rewards.

If these basic care needs are consistently met, Pomgis make playful, affectionate indoor pet companions for individuals or families. They remain by their owner’s side whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Corgi Pomeranian Mix

Many new owners have further questions about this popular hybrid dog breed. Here we answer some commonly asked questions about Pomgis:

How big do corgi pomeranian mixes get?

  • Most Pomgis grow to between 10 to 13 inches tall at the shoulder and 15 to 30 pounds at maturity. Sizes can vary depending on whether they take after the Corgi or Pomeranian parent more.

Do Pomeranian Corgi mixes shed a lot?

  • Yes, the corgi pomeranian mix has a long double coat that sheds moderately, especially during seasonal coat blowouts. Regular brushing and combing helps control loose hairs.

Are Pomeranian Corgi mixes good apartment dogs?

  • Their small size makes Pomgis very adaptable to apartment living, provided they receive atleast 30-60 minutes of brisk walking and playtime daily. Access to a secure yard is best.

How long do corgi Pomeranian mixes live?

  • The average lifespan for a healthy corgi cross Pomeranian mix is 12 to 15 years. Responsible breeding, proper preventative care, exercise, and a high-quality diet help maximize longevity.

What health problems do Pomeranian Corgis have?

  • Potential health issues to be aware of include back problems, eye diseases, collapsed trachea, hip dysplasia, kneecap dislocation and bloat susceptibility. Reputable breeders screen for many of these conditions.

Is the Corgi Pomeranian Mix the Right Dog For You?

For the right owner, the Pomgi offers the perfect combination of loyal devotion, lively spirit and cuddly affection in one adorable fluffy package. If properly trained and socialized from a young age, these dogs become wonderful active family companions and therapy pets.

However, Pomgis do best in homes with securely fenced backyards where they can safely play and relieve themselves frequently. Their moderate activity requirements also demand a commitment to daily walks and playtime. First-time owners may struggle meeting their needs without professional guidance.

Overall if you want a friendly little hybrid dog that will stay by your side, then the corgi pomeranian mix could make the ideal pet for you. Just be prepared to meet their interaction, supervision and grooming requirements. Consider rescuing or adopting if possible to avoid supporting unscrupulous breeders.

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